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 Take care of your gut, and you take back control of your health!

When your gut isn’t happy, nothing feels right. That’s because your digestive system feeds and nourishes your body, houses 70% of your immune system, and creates the building blocks of crucial hormones and neurotransmitters. Good health begins in your gut…

You already know that gas, bloating, and other stomach upset can signal issues with gut health. But if you’re gaining (or regaining) weight or having trouble losing it, the problem might also be your gut. The same goes for fatigue, frequent illness, food cravings, joint pain, inflammation, skin issues, and other health challenges!


A Simple 3-Part Formula for Great Gut Health!

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS: There’s a simple 3-part formula for great gut health called the “Gut Health Trifecta”!

When you combine Great Digestion, with Optimal Gut Health, and a Balanced Microbiome, you have a chance to experience: better and easier digestion; enhanced nutrient absorption; balanced gut microbiome; weight loss; clearer skin; less fatigue; immune system support; fewer headaches; lowered blood sugar response to meals; and more!*

Here’s Exactly How It Works…

After you turn 30 or when you experience stress, you may have lower hydrochloric acid levels in your stomach, making it harder to break down protein. This can lead to food sensitivities, gas and bloating, fatigue, headaches, and more. A digestive enzyme can help you better process protein and other foods, plus help you digest carbs more slowly (or even block some carb absorption altogether) to prevent blood sugar spikes.* If you want good blood sugar control and don’t want to absorb all the carbs you eat, take 2 Digestive Enzymes with a regular meal, and you are good to go!

“Leaky gut” is when your small intestine becomes more permeable, allowing substances into general circulation that shouldn’t be there. This can create all sorts of health symptoms you might be experiencing. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer because Leaky Gut Support can help support your intestinal function, reduce inflammation, heal your gut, optimize your stomach lining, keep you regular, maintain your immune system, and so much more* – PLUS it smells and tastes peachy! Throw it in your Virgin Diet shake or just stir a tablespoon into a glass of filtered water once or twice a day.

There’s “good” and “bad” bacteria in your microbiome (the community of microbes that live within you). Too much of the “bad” bacteria can lead to gas and bloating, weight gain, lowered immunity, joint pain, cravings, and more. How do you make sure you have more of the “good” bacteria? Simple: take a high-quality probiotic, and make sure it has BILLIONS (not millions) of microorganisms to do the job. My Microbiome Balance has 5 BILLION organisms per capsule, AND it includes 100% safe and powerful bacteriophage that act like “gut superheroes,” attacking bad bacteria and providing immunity.* Microbiome Balance is an easy, simple way to heal your digestive tract and support your healthy gut.*


The EASIEST and SIMPLEST Path to Great Gut Health!*

Each part of this “Gut Health Trifecta” supports and enhances the other parts, and the GUT HEALTH BUNDLE makes it as simple as possible to have the great health you deserve!

Your Gut Health Kit includes:

  • 1 bottle of Digestive Enzymes ($41.95 value)
  • 1 bottle of Leaky Gut Support Health ($62.95 value)
  • 1 bottle of Microbiome Balance ($44.95 value)

This is the easy way to experience the “Gut Health Trifecta” because all 3 parts of the formula for great gut health are included in your Gut Health Kit!

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5 Fast-Action Bonuses:


Top 10 Gut Healing Tips & Protocol Guide

This guide is designed to give you simple and powerful steps for healing your gut and optimizing good flora. It includes:

  • The #1 gut healer to help with sugar and alcohol cravings
  • A simple way to reduce inflammation and enjoy fast, lasting weight loss
  • One of the activities it’s most important to AVOID because it causes your gut to become more permeable
  • PLUS: useful tips for healing your gut, losing more weight, and feeling great!

[downloadable guide]

    BONUS #2

    Gut Healing Recipes Guide

    In this guide, you’ll find delicious recipes that not only help support a healthy gut, but also taste amazing. You and your family are going to love them!

    Recipes Include: Apple Pie Shake • Gut Healing Shake • Lemon Cream with Sprinkles • Healing Bone Broth • Salmon in Parchment • Lemon and Herb Broiled Sole • Chicken “Noodle” Soup • Roasted Spiced Chickpeas • Spicy Ginger and Celery Stir-Fry • Cultured Vegetable Recipes • Broccoli with Fresh Fennel Soup • Coconut Ice Cream

    [downloadable guide]

    BONUS #3

    Care and Feeding of a Healthy Gut

    • What REALLY causes leaky gut (and how to heal it)
    • What you need to know to avoid inflammation, infection, and leaky gut syndrome.
    • PLUS: the 3 BIG secrets to having a healthy gut!

    [downloadable video]

    BONUS #4

    Gut Health Booster Apple Pie Shake Recipe

    You’re in for a tasty treat (and a happy gut) with this recipe and video! Learn how to make a delicious, fabulous gut healing smoothie that will help you lose weight.* The best part is this shake recipe tastes like apple pie in a cup! But instead of loading your system with sugar, flour, and eggs — 3 of the 7 high intolerance foods — you are giving your gut health a boost.

    [downloadable recipe + video]

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    Here’s What You’re Going to Get with JJ Virgin’s GUT HEALTH BUNDLE:

    • 1 bottle of Digestive Enzymes
    • 1 bottle of Leaky Gut Support
    • 1 bottle of Microbiome Balance
    • Top 10 Gut Healing Tips and Protocol Guide
    • Gut Healing Recipes Guide
    • The Care and Feeding of a Healthy Gut Video
    • Gut Health Booster Apple Pie Shake Recipe and Video
    • PLUS: Over $29 OFF Your Gut Health Bundle!

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    Supplements, bars, and/or shake sales available to U.S. shipping addresses ONLY.

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